When you believe in something, you must be prepared. Maze of Fears is just an imaginary album from a little boy. Fears were his friends, but he realized that these things were just the messengers to the world. He started to write the fears and sing along as well as the bluest boy in this town. Writing music and lyrics are the things what he called the real fight against his fears.

Maze of Fears is a debut album from a boy who named his music project under a pseudonym name, Darryl Wezy. “This album consists of 11 songs telling about how to fight against your fears in relationships, family, friendships, cultural issues, and how to gain self empowerment and motivation for ourselves.” explained Darryl. The album was successfully realized after Darryl participated in A Music Network, music audition program, in which five acoustic songs offered by him successfully set aside tens of other participants. And now the five acoustic tracks have expanded to 11 songs arranged with producer Aghi Narottama (KALA, Pintu Terlarang, ONROP! Musikal, Negeri 5 Menara, etc) and string section assisted by Alvin Witarsa.

After year by year, Darryl Wezy finally got a home; a place where he could stay and share together about the missions in music industry. It is Ivy League Music, a Jakarta-based music promotion and label (or whatever) which have chosen to believe in Darryl Wezy’s music for his distinctive musicality among the other soloists in Indonesia.

Darryl Wezy is a Jakarta based singer-songwriter and grew up with a lot of music references since he was a kid and influenced by his parents addiction towards 70s music. He found his passion in music after watching MTV in the 90s and he starts to collect cassettes ever since. He stated that his music has been influenced mostly by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and The Papas, The Free Design, Pulp, Ash, The Cardigans, Weezer, The Concretes, The Lightning Seeds, The High Llamas, Sondre Lerche, Sufjan Stevens, SORE, and White Shoes And The Couples Company.


1. Imaginary Hill

When you live as well as the youngsters in the world, you may forget what we called conspiracy. To live in the society, there are a lot of conspiracies created that pointed for us; the youngsters. Sometimes we hate to say that our leaders did not perfect; corruption everywhere, media power leads the politicians to show off their power to the audiences. It shows that power only gives to corrupt. So, if they could make a conspiracy, so do we. Mostly of us might have been brainwashed by sounds and sightings. But what we need is a little faith after all. If it is possible, maybe we can use a little faith to make another conspiracy back.

2. Automatic High

In friendships, some people tend to be someone else. Sometimes friend is not what friend should be. It’s totally freak to fake in friendships. You’re just walking between the lines and you won’t reach the right one. How can you be happier without your true best friends around you? Meanwhile everyone knows that you’re a faker. That would be the worst thing ever if you’re still doing this to everyone.

3. Maze of Fears

We know that we have been considering the fears since a kid. You might be afraid with the ghost, the monsters, illness, the fakers, the smart asses, the insects, a serial killer, lightning and thunder, shark, sting ray, sea urchin, darkness, empty room, or even with a doll. People always have problem, but some of them have their own ways to solve it. I think if we want to stay alive, we can’t expect to live easier without defeat our fears in every maze.

4. Perfection Will Stab Your Back

To face the envious from people around you is not easy. They will always try to offer something that leads you to the fall. Perfection is something that has been manipulated for our life, including in our friendship and relationship. When you want these things work perfectly, you will see a disappointment for real soon. It is because The Devil has tricked you actually. What we learnt after all, just don’t expect too much with perfection or comfort zone. It’s a curse that covered by silver lining.

5. Northern Star

Broken hearted is the hardest thing we had. Losing your identity until you have a desire to die might be so stupid and cheesy thing nowadays. But some of us are still fighting with this phase. Why don’t we give ourselves a support? So they realize that we are not alone to find our soul that already flown away up there; Northern Star.

6. Smile through Your Sorrow

Bully and violence always happen to those who think they have no power to fight against. Sometimes we don’t know how to support them. But sincere heart and love at least will make them smile through their sorrow.

7. Wolfie

Relationship is quite complicated. Possessive and sense of belonging could be better or even worse. It is bitter to face someone who you loved never gives you love back. Unfortunately, when a careless jumps off through your patience, then BOOM… you are a monster in your love life. It sucks when you finally call them a pet’s name instead of ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ to show your anger in a satire way.

8. The War Is Over Now

For a good reason, we had empathy for every freedom which has been defeated by the evil. Another war is really worse, never been better. Kids, women, and men are killed by the fears just for a piece of plans. If only people always think about peace, maybe it is a better way to eliminate the evil inside them, or even us.

9. Fantasizing

Temptation from the drugs tends to drive us into the curiosity of fantasy. Maybe it is beautiful, but it is dangerous. People think once when they get a chance, but they think twice when they will get twisted chains. Surely, ignorance will always exist for those who stay with the drugs.

10. The Supernova

When you love someone but you frightened they won’t love you back, just remember one thing. Love is like a supernova. Just pretend that you are the star and will explode a lot of love someday. Being nothing to lose could break your fear for the love that won’t return your feelings back. But somehow, you can still be yourself and gain positivity with a lot of love that you had.

11. We Are The Stars

Youngsters are the nation’s expectation. In spite of this statement, sometimes we; as the youngsters, grew up by the pessimistic ideologies around us. It doesn’t mean I am trying to influence you with a radical movement, but here we are… Youngsters should be stronger than the pessimistic statements around them. Just believe even people think it is impossible to happen. Because at the end, what you believed in the past will bring you to your life of nowadays.

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