Finally! My first Electronica EP album with Andezzz will be available on iTunes. You can click pre-order from now on and get your free preview from iTunes! You can also visit Andezzz official website on departurepeople.com for further information about the releases. FYI, the artworks made by Dinda Gayathri, a Jakarta-based illustrator who collaborated with us to make this amazing cover. Whoa!

Here we go…

Andezzz & Darryl Wezy
Together Again – EP
31 May 2013
Laxity Recordings


1. Together Again
2. Together Again (Midnight Runners Remix)
3. Together Again (Random Remix)
4. Together Again (Andezzz Dub Remix)
5. Together Again (Instrumental Mix)





Japan is my favorite country, and I’ve been listening everything about J-Pop and I’m a big fan of Manga and Anime since I was a kid, especially One Piece, Dragon Ball, Chibi Maruko Chan, Crayon Shinchan, Doraemon, and many more. One thing about their music industry that I really love is their additional sleeve—I don’t know what is the name of this stuff—they put it on left, as the information or special note about the CD. It was 2004, at the class, daydreaming, and I was wondering if I could release my debut album in Japan someday with special additional sleeve which provides the information about my album.

Now, I got it.

"Maze of Fears" Japan Edition with the additional sleeve on left side

“Maze of Fears” Japan Edition with the additional sleeve on the left side

After the release of my debut album nationally on 8 October 2012, I made a debut in Japan (24 April 2013) under the independent label Production Dessinee. Wow, they released me during Golden Week, which is COOL! It reminds me about Koinobori…Well, thanks to IVY League Music and Rooftop Sound for this wonderful gift. And also, big thanks to Masao Maruyama for the opportunity, I never thought it would be like this. It was like dream came true every day since my debut album, “Maze of Fears”, released without launching party and we just believed it would be fine. And yes, it’s fine…

Anyway, this is Maze of Fears cover for Indonesian Edition…

Japan has given me a lot of opportunity to be introduced in their independent music industry and I don’t expect too much for this before, but I just believed that I will release my album in Japan with the additional sleeve outside the CD and using Hiragana letters as a special note. And it happened!
But, it’s not getting stop on the release matters. The other surprises came from some of media in Japan. They published me on Madame Figaro Japon (June edition, maybe?) which considered as a popular fashion magazine from France and Japan.

Madame Figaro Japan

Then, the next is Billboard Japan which surprised me when I read the review from Mr. Hitoshi Kurimoto. He knew me so well without interviewing me first. And he could explain everything about my musicality, perfectly. It was a great moment, thanks for this amazing review.

Darryl Wezy on Billboard Japan

Darryl Wezy on Billboard Japan

I thought it would be just in the scope of online media, but they introduced me on Sankei Shimbun Japan, a daily newspaper and one of top five national newspapers in Japan. It was shocking me. Of course, I got the online edition from their website, so I could access it easily when some people told me about this good news from Facebook and Twitter.

Sankei Shimbun Japan, 1 May 2013

Sankei Shimbun Japan, 1 May 2013

But the important thing is… they appreciated me very well anyway. I never felt so happy like this. Thanks Japan, wait for me! 🙂