Darryl Wezy Released A New Single ‘Silver Lining’

Darryl Wezy, a Jakarta-based singer-songwriter, has just released a new single ‘Silver Lining’ on February 1st, 2019 following up ‘Kemarau Terakhir’ the previous single and also his EP album. Darryl tends to give a touch of free-spirited theme in every song with folk-tinged pop. The song tells about finding a silver lining beyond a broken friendship caused by different political perspectives. The song also criticizes hoax and emphasizes the broken friendships phenomenon that currently happening in Indonesia during the presidential campaign.

This time, Darryl collaborated with Jakarta-based photographer and Bandung-based artist; Picked Jan and Muhammad Isa Indra Permana (Isa Panic Monsta). The cover visualized the message of ‘Silver Lining’ that always looks on the bright side (circle on left side) behind the curtain of gloomy sky (circle on right side). The element of Chrysanthemums on the floral ornaments symbolizes a friendship and well-wishing.

Darryl also boosted the music with guitar distortion, 70’s organ, and glockenspiel into the folk-esque tunnel. ‘Silver Lining’ is now available on digital service providers such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal and many more.

After his debut ‘Maze of Fears’ reached Japanese market in 2013, Darryl Wezy also got an award for Local Dance Track of the Year category on PARANOIA Awards 2014 through his nudisco-tinged pop ‘Together Again’ with Andezzz.

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Jamie is falling, I stumbled on the bottle of potion that seems like poison.
Maybe she will cry for the man who stabbed her back.
Return your diamond, it’s imitation.
You trapped in a silence of innovation
Don’t you believe it, perfection will stab your back.

In the rain, bad dreams are gone with all the fears that come around
Friends will not hurt you once again

Capital side got the richest vipers
Under the shadow of people’s world
I told you about it, the bad things always behind us

Crashing the riddle of devil’s horn, we’re killing some of trolls within our palms
Don’t be afraid of the ghost who smiled upon our shoulders

In the rain, our beams are gone with all the tears that come around
Friends will not hurt you once again

In the rain, bad dreams are gone with all the fears that come around. Friends will not hurt you once again
Friends will not hurt you once again

I had to say the lie is losing what they found to get my glory. Cause I have found my silver lining, (as) you could see. The sun is shining.

Darryl Wezy Rilis Single Terbaru ‘Silver Lining’

Jakarta, February 1st, 2019

Darryl Wezy, penyanyi dan pencipta lagu asal Jakarta merilis sebuah single terbaru berjudul ‘Silver Lining’, menindaklanjuti single dan EP album sebelumnya ‘Kemarau Terakhir’ sebagai rangkaian menuju album keduanya di tahun 2019 ini. Lagu ‘Silver Lining’ sendiri bercerita tentang bagaimana menemukan hikmah dari pertemanan yang retak akibat pandangan yang berbeda. Lagu ini juga mengkritik hoax dan fenomena keretakan pertemanan di Indonesia yang terjadi akibat perang media sosial terkait kampanye politik. Darryl sendiri cenderung memberikan sentuhan tema kebebasan dalam setiap lagunya dengan musik pop berbalut folk.

Untuk pembuatan sampul, Darryl berkolaborasi dengan fotografer Picked Jan dan seniman Muhammad Isa Indra Permana (Isa Panic Monsta). Pesan di balik grafis mata di balik pintu (sudut kiri) dan awan mendung bersama petir (sudut kanan) yang tertuang di sampul bermakna bagaimana seseorang mengambil hikmah dan sisi terang dari sebuah keretakan persahabatan. Di sisi lain, bunga Seruni yang ada di ornament bunga melambangkan persahabatan dan ucapan yang baik.

Lagu ‘Silver Lining’ kini telah tersedia di beberapa layanan musik digital seperti iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, dan sebagainya.

Setelah album pertamanya yang berjudul ‘Maze of Fears’ menjangkau pasar musik di Jepang, Darryl Wezy juga mendapatkan penghargaan dari PARANOIA Awards 2014 kategori ‘Local Dance Track of the Year’ untuk lagunya yang berbalut nudisco berjudul ‘Together Again’ bersama Andezzz.

Writen & produced by: Darryl Wezy
Co-produced by: Aghi Narottama
Mixed and Mastered by: Evan Haryono
Recorded in Roemah Iponk Studio, Yoko’s Lab, and Rooftop Sound around 2015 – 2017; except track 3 & 4 recorded in Pendulum Studio & Rooftop Sound circa 2011.

Download and stream now

iTunes: https://apple.co/2RTR8zT
Apple Music : https://apple.co/2RmumeV


Darryl Wezy – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Wioko Muggy – Keyboards, Synthesizer
Iqbal Aldilas & Adhika Choki Himawan- Lead Guitar
Danar Adiperkasa & Wesley Geraldo Hutabarat – Bass
Steven Wiryawan & Titus Bayu – Drum
Alvin Witarsa – Strings

(C) 2019 Björnsson Records