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Jakarta, February 12, 2015

Darryl Wezy, a Jakarta-based singer-songwriter, reissues his debut album, “Maze of Fears”, with a new cover art by Deborah Tasia Sugiyanto, a Bandung-based artist. After departure from the previous label, this album is now under his own label, Björnsson Records. This album could be purchased starting from February 12, 2015, on iTunes and will be available later in some digital music stores such as Spotify, Gracenote, Google Play, Rhapsody, Guvera, Deezer, and many more.

“Maze of Fears” is a debut album from Darryl Wezy that released in 2012 and later 2013 in Japan under the independent label Production Dessinee which has released the repertoires from Mindy Gledhill, White Shoes & The Couples Company, Adhitia Sofyan, etc. The producer Aghi Narottama also contributed very well for creating the true color of Darryl Wezy music through 11 tracks that well-produced between the years of 2011 – 2012.

Björnsson Records is a Jakarta-based independent label that owns its first release, “Maze of Fears”. This label is founded by Darryl Wezy as a home; a place to learn for contributing in the digital era of music industry.


For press enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Björnsson Music Management

e-mail: darrylwezy@gmail.com

Darryl Wezy Umumkan Rilisan Ulang Digital ‘Maze of Fears’ di iTunes

Darryl Wezy, penyanyi dan pencipta lagu asal Jakarta baru saja merilis ulang album perdananya yang berjudul “Maze of Fears” dengan desain sampul yang baru oleh Debora Tasia. Setelah berpisah dengan label sebelumnya, kini albumnya berada di bawah labelnya sendiri, Björnsson Records. Album ini dapat dibeli mulai tanggal 12 Februari 2015 di sejumlah penyedia layanan musik digital seperti iTunes, Spotify, Gracenote, Google Play, Rhapsody, Guvera, Deezer, dan masih banyak lagi.

Maze of Fears merupakan album pertama yang dirilis pada tahun 2012 di Indonesia dan kemudian di Jepang pada tahun 2013 di bawah label Production Dessinee yang tercatat merilis katalog seperti Mindy Gledhill, White Shoes and The Couples Company, Adhitia Sofyan, dan sebagainya. Aghi Narottama yang merupakan produser album ini juga turut memberikan warna musik yang khas di dalam sebelas lagu yang diproduksi sekitar tahun 2011 – 2012 lalu.

Björnsson Records adalah sebuah label independen asal Jakarta yang kini memiliki rilisan pertamanya, “Maze of Fears”. Label ini diprakarsai oleh Darryl Wezy sendiri sebagai rumah dan tempat belajar untuk berkontribusi dalam industri musik di era digital.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, harap hubungi:

Björnsson Music Management

e-mail: darrylwezy@gmail.com




Darryl Wezy, born in Jakarta, July 5th 1989 and grew up musically since he was kid, influenced by his parents addiction towards 70s music. He found his passion in music after watching MTV in the 90s and he starts to collect cassettes ever since. His stage name, Darryl Wezy, is a pseudonym name that he got when he was daydreaming at high school during recess time. “There’s no reason why I chose Darryl Wezy, but I would like to use this name when I become a musician someday.” said this 22 years old musician.

He stated that his music has been influenced mostly by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and The Papas, The Free Design, Pulp, Ash, The Cardigans, Weezer, The Concretes, The Lightning Seeds, The High Llamas, Sondre Lerche, Sufjan Stevens, SORE, and White Shoes And The Couples Company.

Darryl Wezy has just released his first single “Automatic High” on January 1st 2012 through site A Music Network and exclusively free download through Rollingstone Indonesia website. “Automatic High” tells about how a person is facing a fake friendship and should be able to survive and find a new spirit in any way. The lyrics tend to be satire, because Darryl was trying to emphasize the disappointment without having to be over dramatic.

He announced the date release of his debut album might be around Fall 2012. The album will be titled “Maze of Fears”. “Maze of Fears consists of 11 songs telling about how to encounter your fears in relationships, family, friendships, cultural issues, and how to gain self empowerment and motivation for ourselves.” explained Darryl.

The album was successfully realized after Darryl participated in A Music Network, music audition program, in which five acoustic songs offered by him successfully set aside tens of other participants. And now the five acoustic tracks have expanded to 11 songs arranged with producer Aghi Narottama (Janji Joni, KALA, The Forbidden Door, ONROP! Musikal, Negeri 5 Menara) and a string section assisted by Alvin Witarsa. In his live performances, Darryl Wezy will be performing in a full band consisted of Ganesha Pratama (Guitar), Ridwan Yuniardhika (Lead Guitar), Anzarra Djahran (Keyboard), Efra Pratama Harya (Bass), and Aidil Akbar (Drum).

Among the other bands and singers that have sprung up in the music industry Indonesia, Darryl Wezy is one of the soloists who dares to explore more in each arrangements in his songs. To describe the album may be described with the phrase: “The big dreams of a person arranged with Chamber Pop and a little touch of cinematic.”


Darryl Wezy – Automatic High

The trees on the street
Laughing like the beasts
I’m begging they are dancing
Entertain me, and stop look at me like this

Some people are freaks
Being fake in friendships
I think I found what they need
I chose to leave and I’m going round and round

It’s gone, I’ll be fine
I could fly, and it’s automatic high
If it’s fine, I could say with my automatic mouth

The wind on the hills
It’s blowing my fear
Hysterical by self absorbed here!
You tout so gleam
And I started to scream like a kid

Somebody told me
I should be like this
Accepting what people think
It’s about me
And it’s just small things I could see

It’s gone, I’ll be fine
I could fly, and it’s automatic high
If it’s fine, I could say with my automatic mouth

I learn it everyday, I do!
If only I could say that it’s true
To stay in circle of these fools
If only I could breath, I’ve been through!
I can’t hold… anymore…
I’ve been through… for survive…
Without you… I will be just fine!

Versi Bahasa Indonesia:

7 Januari 2012 lalu Darryl Wezy, musisi muda berusia 22 tahun asal Jakarta merilis single pertamanya yang berjudul “Automatic High” secara ekslusif dan bisa diunduh gratis lewat situs Rollingstone Indonesia. Lagu ini adalah single pertama dari album perdana Darryl Wezy ’Maze Of Fears’ yang akan rilis sebentar lagi. Lagu “Automatic High” sendiri bercerita tentang bagaimana seseorang menghadapi sebuah fake friendship dan harus bisa bertahan serta mencari semangat baru dengan cara apapun. Liriknya cenderung satir, karena berusaha menekankan kekecewaan tanpa harus dramatis.

Album ini berhasil diwujudkan setelah usaha Darryl Wezy berpartisipasi dalam sebuah program audisi di A Music Network, dimana lima lagu akustik yang ditawarkan olehnya berhasil menyisihkan puluhan peserta lain karena dinilai memiliki kualitas, potensi serta kejujuran bermusik oleh tim juri. Dan sekarang lima lagu akustik tersebut telah berkembang menjadi 11 lagu yang diaransemen ulang oleh Aghi Narottama (Janji Joni, KALA, Pintu Terlarang, ONROP! Musikal) selaku produser dan string section dibantu oleh Alvin Witarsa. Dalam penampilan live-nya, Darryl Wezy tampil dengan konsep full band diperkuat oleh Ganesha (Guitar), Anzarra Djahran (Keyboard), Efra Pratama Harya (Bass), dan Aidil Akbar (Drum).

Darryl Wezy lahir di Jakarta pada tanggal 5 Juli 1989 dan tumbuh di keluarga yang menyukai musik. Darryl menemukan passion-nya di musik ketika menonton MTV di tahun 90-an sehabis pulang sekolah dan sejak saat itu dia mulai mengumpulkan kaset dan CD. Nama Darryl Wezy sendiri adalah nama pseudonym yang ia dapatkan waktu melamun di kelas. “Nggak ada alasan khusus kenapa Darryl Wezy, tapi saya senang aja dengan nama ini. Belum ada yang punya, dan waktu itu saya janji akan memakai nama ini ketika saya menjadi musisi suatu hari nanti.” jelasnya.

Dari segi musikalitas, Darryl banyak mendapatkan pengaruh dari musik Alternative, Britpop, Folk, dan juga Indie Pop seperti The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and The Papas, The Free Design, Pulp, Ash, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cardigans, Weezer, The Concretes, The Lightning Seeds, The High Llamas, Sondre Lerche, Sufjan Stevens, SORE, dan White Shoes And The Couples Company.

“Maze of Fears” berisi sebelas lagu yang menceritakan tentang bagaimana menghadapi ketakutan – ketakutan yang ada di dalam diri seseorang dan bagaimana memberdayakan diri sendiri serta membangun motivasi. Album ini rencana akan dirilis dalam waktu dekat di bawah IVY League Music Promo & WHATEVER!, sebuah rumah produksi, promosi, dan distribusi asal Jakarta milik Mondo Gascaro (ex SORE) dan Sarah Glandosch. Kini single ‘Automatic High’ dapat diunduh secara cuma – cuma melalui situs resmi www.ivyleaguemusic.com milik IVY League Music. Selamat menikmati!


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